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About Us

My name is Ollie Anne Hamilton, I have been a midwife for 41 years and have been running a web-site, Birthwithlove.com, since 1999. I have been selling and using the Aquarium Pool for most of those years.

The 60" pool became unavailable in the early 2000s because someone made a complaint to the FDA that birthing pools might be a medical device. This made a big uproar and for awhile the bigger pools weren't available. Intex got into the fray and because the Aquarium Pool was used by many mothers/midwives they got afraid and decided to no longer sell that one pool in the US to this day.

About 5 years ago my son found them in China at the Intex store there and we have been bringing them over ever since.

My second snafu was that the bigger birthing pool makers made it a rule that we couldn't sell this pool on the same site with theirs, so many quit selling the Aquarium Pool all together. I didn't want to do that and after many attempts we now have a site just for this pool.

I am committed to providing an affordable pool so everyone can enjoy a water birth. I personally provide these for my clients and have for years. Enjoy

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